As your aware Im a fan of unusal decor, and working in bar I used to come accross some interesting looking liqour bottles. I started to collect them with the idea that one day I could do something crafty with them, on a sleepless night trawling through the internet I came accross some inspiration, and here’s what I ended up doing…


Its much sparklier in real life!! 

Here’s a few simple instructions on how I did it…

first and foremost, find a bottle you like! Id advise you to go for a slighty smaller bottle rather than a 70cl bottle like myself, it makes the next step much easier. Make sure it’s a screw top bottle, most have a universal size that the majority of tops can fit on to. Give it a thorough wash inside and out, as later you will be filling it with either handsoap or bath soak.

The next stage is glitter, and lots of it!


Choose any colour you fancy, I actually mixed alot of different colours togther so it when the light catches the bottle multiple colours are reflected! You will also need glue, I went for modgepodge you can buy it from any good craft store or shops online such as ebay and amazon.

From here you will need to have a clean surface, preferably covered over with some sort of plastic, this makes it much easier to clean up, because glitter GETS EVERYWHERE! Now your ready to apply the glue to your bottle of choice, I applied with a paintbrush, but do not use a good one, as glue never reallys comes of it properly and it wont be much use to you after that.

Start by applying the glue thickly in sections, this makes it easier to hold without getting to messy, once a section is done, simply sprinkle over your glitter making sure to cover each section without leaving any gaps. Reapeat unitl your bottle is covered completely!

Next you will need to seal your bottle so glitter isn’t constantly rubbing off onto other surfaces, I chose to use…

Copyright © 2015 by Ginger Davis Allman The Blue Bottle Tree, all rights reserved.

Spray it on evenly and leave to dry!

All thats left to do is find a dispenser top you wish to use, you can take them from other handsoaps or you can buy them individually online! Most tops will fit perfectly on top of your bottle, however if you chose to go for a taller bottle at the beginning you may find it difficult to find one with a long attachedment, that pumps the liquid from the bottom of the bottle.

Other than that VOILA a unquie soap dispenser to use in your home or to make as quirky gifts!!

Sweet dreams 🌌🌜

So as usual I’m trawling through Pinterest and found some really lovely dream catchers, however when I’ve gone to look at buying some I’ve found them to be pretty expensive for something I could just make myself! 

First of all you need to find something to make the circle in which you weave inside. I happened to have a plastic circle that I took off a old hanging mobile, and wrapped it in some pretty velvet ribbon, tying a loop at the top so I could hang it when finished. 

Now the centre bit did take a long time and it’s pretty complicated to explain so I suggest you look at a you tube video of how to make the web in the middle. 

Lastly I attached a lot of interesting feathers, beads and shells. I was going for the bohemian look! Here’s some pictures… 

I plan on adding some more detail to it at a further date but for now I like it as it is! The perfect boho inspired dream catcher. 


Are you a 90’s baby? 

The 90’s fashion is back doing the rounds again, and when  you work behind a bar it seems you can’t look any where without seeing someone sporting the 90’s look! Wether it’s the snap back caps, the hair scrunchies or the grunge look! 

As its become so popular again we decided to throw a 90’s night on the previous bank holiday, to make our customers all nostalgic! 

We plastered the walls in the most memorable 90’s music, film and TV icons and gathered as many 90’s toys and gadgets we could find; including beanie babie, tamagotchi’s, plastic blow up furniture the lot! The things to hard to find we just found pictures and printed them out!  

As with any good themed night you need a signature drink! Myself and a colleague came up with this delicious cocktail made up of several spirits along side orange soda, in homage to a 90’s classic TV show Kenan and Kel!!


As for the decor, we thought long and hard about how to incorporate  90’s things and use them effectively! In the end we ended up making a lot of the decor our selves instead of buying stuff off the internet, which in turn made the place look more retro and authentic! Some of the stuff we did included making paper chains, tissue paper Pom poms, and making the paper fortune tellers you used to make at school, and buying a lot of blank cd’s and tapes then hanging them over the dance floor. The most successful idea was hanging slinkies from the ceiling and drooping them across the venue!  


I went for the 90’grunge look check out some pictures from the night!  


   On arrival we handed out shots of this classic 90’s drink mad dog 20/20 

DIY Christmas cards

Hi everyone! Today I took the opportunity to get my design done for some homemade Christmas cards, I will be editing the final design in Photoshop and adding text digitally too. I hope to get them printed properly by the end of the week!



There done with black ink and watercolour pencils. Hope you guys enjoy!

Chalk board paint!

Hi everyone!
As I’m sure most of you know, Pinterest has some amazing ideas for decor inspiration, I recently moved into a flat with my boyfriend and have gradually been sprucing the place up. I’ve always been a fan of quirky decor and things that are pretty unique, so after seeing some funky ideas to do with chalk paint on Pinterest I decided to paint a whole wall with it! I must say it was so easy and so cheap I would recommend it everyone especially the arty types, even for people with kids.

I only had a brief amount of time to write something on there before I went to work. But I love the idea that it’s so interchangeable and I can change it so easily! It adds a unique charm to our kitchen that’s so simple to do! Hope you guys like it!


Last night was my monthly thursday rocknight that I put together and run for all the alternative people in town. After working for Red Sugar Crew (a company that has 4 bars in town) for over a year, I saw the oppertunity to do something different, a gap that wasnt being fullfilled anywhere in the town, so I took the iniciative and asked my boss if I could run a rocknight.

Ive been doing it for over a year now, and I love it! I enjoy the creative process in coming up with different event ideas, something to get people excited about. I then go on the create the art work for the events such as posters, competition flyers and Facebook cover photos. Its safe to say that its a great success everytime, and I look forward each month to putting the nights together. Im working towards a big relaunch on New Year, a name change with a kickass logo, so I can order tshirts for staff and competitions, banners, advertisements and much more. We have a big art college in Hartlepool so I tend to target students in my marketing, and hope to work closely with the college in the future to brong about better alternative nights in the town.

Last nights event was called “Top of the Goths” a different take on the old popular TV show “Top of the Pops” I like to be a bit tongue in cheek with my events, I feel a sense of humour goes along way and it generally makes people want to attend because its something a little different, something which the alternative crowd appriciate. 247171_1513913365517477_977105019734761432_n

I run drink competitions for promotional benefits, last night was no expection and this time I ordered a gothic goblet online and whoever tagged, shared or liked this picture below would be crowned king of the goths and dink free from the goblet all night!!


Heres some pictures I managed to snap when I could sneak away from the bar…64774_1517696528472494_4502473957289698913_n 10440992_1517697121805768_459246227812990491_n 1526292_1517697765139037_4820170629939101197_n 10384527_1517697588472388_2202012968537085436_n

A creative day…

Today I finally got round to using the marbled peices of paper I made into good use. The colours I used and the pattern It created when marbling reminded me of sea so i decided to utilize this idea and expand it by creating a sea inspired peice. I scanned the original marbled background into photoshop, after I had drew the jelly fish on plain white paper I too scanned it in, and edited them together in photoshop. Vola!! A pretty sea inspired picture. I hope to sell framed prints on my etsy account after I have made a few more for a collection!

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

jelly fish with background coloured

Royal Television Society (RTS) Awards

Last night I attended the RTS student awards for short films, at the Yorkshire Race courses. Ive been the last year three years as a part of my film degree, but never had anything entered in personally. This year I attended with all my old classmates because a film my boyfriend had worked on as a campera op was put through into the Entertainment category.

Now you see I attended a very small university (if you could call it that) it was more like a college where you could study BA honors, and every year it becomes apperent at the RTS awards that I made a big mistake in choosing my university. Not one year has our college won anything, and its not because our ideas arnt/wernt good, but watching the quality of production other universities blow ours out of the water. It seems that bigger uni’s have better budgets to spend on equipment, are normally situated in busier areas like cities, where theres more to document, more things going on in general to capture the imagination, and more resources to turn ideas into great films. I feel that if i had attended a bigger university I probably would have carried on my degree into a BA Honours and still felt like I wanted to be a part of that industry, instead I lost enthusiasm for the indusrty and only completed my FDA. I am however going to do a top up year in Events Management somewhere else to get a split BA.

Comment If you feel like you made a bad choice in Universities and how it affected you!!